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(En francais plus bas) For one of our clients, to automatically start a generator when the power is cut, we needed to connect the genset to the transfer switch using a signaling cable. However, the client didn’t want us to break into their parking lot to lay the cable, damage their walls or have any cabling seen between the generator and the automatic transfer switch that was 200 meters away.

With the help of a Wizo from Centurion and a few time delayed relays and our service technician Stanis Katalayi, we custom-built an installation and tested it successfully, the genset can now start remotely and there are no cables to be seen.

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-In French-

Pour l’un de nos clients, pour démarrer automatiquement un générateur lorsque le courant est coupé, nous devions connecter le groupe électrogène au commutateur de transfert à l’aide d’un câble de signalisation. Cependant, le client ne voulait pas que nous pénétrions dans son parking pour poser le câble, endommager ses murs ou faire voir un câble entre le générateur et le commutateur de transfert automatique qui se trouvait à 200 mètres.

Avec l’aide d’un Wizo de Centurion et de quelques relais temporisés et de notre expert en électronique, Stanis Katalayi, nous avons construit une installation sur mesure et l’avons testée avec succès, le groupe électrogène peut maintenant démarrer à distance et aucun câble n’est visible.

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FG Wilson Load Transfer Panels

Load Transfer Panel Range

24 Hour Power Protection 365 days a year…
FG Wilson’s range of intelligent Load Transfer Panels offer you peace of mind.

The FG Wilson Load Transfer Panel range offers an electronically controlled response to power outages. With flexible, upgradeable options and a high level of functionality FG Wilson transfer panels provide 24-hour automatic control of standby generator sets, 365 days a year.

Load Transfer Panel


  • Fully automatic mains failure sensing and generator set start signal
  • Pre-programmed enabling the panel to run on installation with the ability to customise if necessary
  • Fast acting switches reduce transfer times between set and utility power
  • Available from 63 – 3200A
  • Seamless integration with FG Wilson digital control panels Features
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Automatically provides generator set start signal upon detection of mains failure, overvoltage or loss of phase
  • Automatic mains re-transfer function
  • Flexible, upgradeable options
  • Test operations and sequences accessible from panel or remotely
  • Manual switch operation possible via external handle
  • LED functions display showing generator set / mains availability and switch position
  • LCD display for voltage and timers
  • Load transfer panel range meets ATS IEC 60947-6-1 standard

Load Transfer Panels

ModelRatingATI Transfer Dimensions
A mm
ATI Transfer Dimensions
B mm
ATI Transfer Dimensions
C mm
Weight kg
CTI 6363A60040020019
CTI 100100A60040020019
CTI 125125A60040020019
CTI 160160A60040020019
ModelRatingATI Transfer Dimensions
A mm
ATI Transfer Dimensions
B mm
ATI Transfer Dimensions
C mm
Weight kg
ATI 250250A500600300
ATI 400400A60060037544
ATI 630*600A90060047566
ATI 800*800A1100775650125
ATI 1000*1000A1100775650130
ATI 1250*1250A14001005650230
ATI 1600*1600A16001005800330
ATI 2000*2000A189910051007400
ATI 2500*2500A189910051007400
ATI 3200*3200A189910051007400

CTI Panel Features

CTI Load Transfer Panel – Ratings 63 – 160 Amps

ATI Panel Features

ATI Load Transfer Panel – Ratings 250 – 1600 Amps

ATI Panel Features

ATI Load Transfer Panel – Ratings 2000 – 3200 Amps

Features and Options

Feature and optionsCTIATI < 1600 AATI > 2000 A
● – Standard
○ – Optional
Motorised Mechanical Head Switch
Facility for manual switchover
Utility power available
Utility power on load
Generator available / Generator on load
Utility power and generator off load
Manual mode / Automatic mode
Test on load / Test off load
Manual re-transfer for enabled / required
Power / Error indication (LED)
Universal symbols to allow for multiple languages
Utility Power L1-2, L1-3, L2-3 voltage
Generator Set L1-N, L2-N, L3-N voltage
Liquid Crystal Display
Utility Power L1-N, L2-N, L3-N voltage
Generator Set L1-2, L1-3, L2-3 voltage
Utility Power Frequency / Generator Set Frequency
Number of times switch transfers from mains to generator set
Timer settings
Complete enclosure meets standard IEC 60947-6-1
Switch meets standard AC31B
Under / Over frequency failure
Under / Over frequency restoration
Manual / Auto re-transfer
Mode select push button
Under / Over Volts Failure
Under / Over Volts Restoration
Delay on Start Timer
Delay on Transfer
Delay on Re-Transfer
Dead Band Timer
Run On Timer
Auto / Manual Control Keyswitch
Lamp Test Pushbutton
Padlock facility
Selection between Contactor or Switch Mode
Cable entry
Load Terminal Extensions
Improving ease of installation
Auxiliary Contacts
For monitoring of switch position (Including padlocking & auto / manual)
Lightning Protection
Ensuring the safety of system during lightning storms
Ingress Protection IP54
Protection for control module
Power Metering
To measure load current, kW, kVAr, kVA, Power factor
Volt Free Contacts
For utility power availability & generator available
Communication Module
Plug in module that uses Jbus/modbus protocol to allow remote communication of the change over system
Voltage Sensing Tap
Allowing for pole voltage sensing
Solid Neutral Kit
To connect neutral cables from the mains, generator set and load
Terminal Shroud
For added protection

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